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  4. At the blazing speed of post, you get an envelope filled with stickers

Feel free to request stickers again after you've received your first batch (especially if there are new ones you want), although if you submit requests too quickly some of them might be silently cancelled.

At no point do you give us money. If you want to give your money somewhere, check out #transcrowdfund on Mastodon and Twitter.

If you have a sticker design you'd like us to make real, get in contact with iliana at @iliana@cybre.space on Mastodon.

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How manyThumbnailDescription
Party girl sticker

Party girl
76 mm × 23 mm

Because when they said "party", they meant an anti-revisionist revolutionary Communist Party. Design by Colleen Quine.

Trainsgender pride flag sticker

Trainsgender pride flag
76 mm × 51 mm

A pride flag for trans people who love trains. "Trainsgender" people, if you will. Design by Sky Q Rose, printed with permission.

Fuck Cloudflare captcha sticker

Fuck Cloudflare captcha
76 mm × 23 mm

In protest of Cloudflare's extreme failure to understand Tor and its users, presenting users with captchas on nearly every page, then years later releasing a non-solution that puts the burden on site owners to understand Tor. Design by shiromarieke.

Fuck Cloudflare (logotype) sticker

Fuck Cloudflare (logotype)
76 mm × 23 mm

In case the captcha isn't clear enough. In protest of Cloudflare's tradition of sitting quietly on their pile of money and not standing up for marginalized users, especially protecting hate speech while kicking sex workers off their service. Design by iliana.

& KNUCKLES sticker

65 mm × 15 mm

Stickers printed on clear vinyl. Make anything in your life feature Knuckles the Echidna. Design by and stickers courtesy of doof. Each sheet is two stickers, so if you order an odd number you'll get a cut-in-half sheet.

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